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"My name is John Geigley, I managed the Component Design Department for Katerra, and I am a raving fan of hsbcad. We converted to hsbcad after evaluating 6 different wall panel design software platforms. It was the only software package that could address all our 80+ requirements.

One of the biggest selling points was the level of customization that is available. If you require a tool that doesn’t exist, you can program the tool yourself. That’s right, I said that you can program your own. I cannot even express the time saved when you have the ability to code your own enhancements directly into the software. In less than 1 year, we have already reduced our component design time by more than 30% which is exceptional. Finally, hsbcad has some of the best support personnel that I have ever worked with in this industry. Rest assured that you will not find another software company that is as invested in your success as hsbcad is!" – April, 2018

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