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Webinar: From an Architectural Revit® BIM model to Manufacturing & Assembly

Watch this exclusive webinar on-demand and learn how an integrated architectural BIM model in Revit® can increase manufacturing and assembly efficiency.
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What you will learn

In this exclusive webinar, our technical consultant Harald Mulder, highlights some of the most prevalent design flaws in the architectural model that slow down Manufacturing & Assembly and walks you through ways to avoid them.

  • Common Design flaws in an Architectural Model
  • How an Architectural design model can be BIM-Compliant
  • Generate Shop Drawings and Exports with Ease for CNC Production

Who should download this webinar

C-Level executives, Architects, Designers, Engineers, BIM-Managers, Production Managers, Manufacturers, Onsite assembly crew and the list goes on!


If you're in the world of offsite construction, especially the timber construction industry, then this webinar is for you to identify the common design flaws that hold you back from having an efficient Manufacturing and Assembly process.

Meet the speaker

Meet Harald Mulder, a technical consultant at hsbcad with over 10 years of experience in the construction industry.

With extensive knowledge in optimizing architectural Revit® BIM models for manufacturing and assembly processes, Harald has worked with a wide range of industry experts ranging from architects, designers, engineers, and manufacturers across the globe to help them streamline their design process.

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